Thunderstorms-From Bekah

Right now, a thunder storm is going on right outside my window. No rain at the moment, just thunder and lightning. When I was younger, I used to be terrified of the ominous booms and the crazy flashes of lightning. But now I’ve taken on a different point of view–the one I used to think was ridiculous.

Thunder and lightning are ways God shows his power to us down here on earth, and it should probably bring on some awe and fear towards Him, from us. We shouldn’t be afraid of the thunder and the lightning. We should be afraid of God. He’s the one who made the thunder and lightning. He can take it away at any point, or he can kill you with it in a second.

– Bekah

4 thoughts on “Thunderstorms-From Bekah

  1. Nancy Pertl

    I really appreciate your comments about thunder and lightning. One of the scariest moments of my life was when I was (probably about 10 years old) alone in my house (I can’t recall any other time being alone in the house) during a thunderstorm. The power went out and I was in total darkness. I still feel a bit scared if I am alone at home during a thunderstorm. The best line of what you wrote was “we shouldn’t be afraid of the thunder and lightning, we should be afraid of God”. Thunderstorms so naturally make me feel fear. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom so I think comments on our need to fear God is a GREAT place to start your new blog!

  2. Lois

    Hannah and Bekah! Thurs. morning at Hannah’s home GOD also decided to throw in some hail. Job38:22,, Psalm 105:32. Now what about whirlwinds??? Nahum1:3 Lois Edwards


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