Parallel Parking

Ah, the joys of being teenagers. One of the joys/challenges of being a teenager is the art of driving. My dad always says that driving is a privilege not something you automatically get with the 16 birthday candles.

So, off i went to get my permit. I studied for hours! After 1 attempt, and a few misunderstandings of schedules :] I passed the permit test! I was so excited! I learned the Chinese fire drill, not giving my daddy whip lash, and actually learning to drive! But there was always one thing that i was scared of… one thing that has not come easily.. parallel parking. This was the second night that i spent 2 1/2.. 3 hours outside with my civic trying… so very hard to teach myself how to parallel park. Tonight was going well. I had the windows down listening to Mikeschair’s new cd; “A Beautiful Life”, watching the sunset.. i mean the trash cans when all of a sudden, I felt something pinch me. I soon realized that the pinch was the terrible bug the mosquito! As all of these things are floating through my mind i soon realize that I was very distracted (something we dyslexics do very very well :] ) which equals a trash can or two on the ground.

Sometimes as Christians, we get so distracted  with the things around us. Church, sports, activities, and family. There are so many things that are thrown into our path so that we miss the meaning of life. The reason we are really here on this earth.

I would encourage you to take your eyes off the sunset your head out of the clouds and look around you! use those rear view mirrors that God gave you. They come in handy sometimes! :]

Hannah ❤


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