So. I finished school today (mostly). I’m done with all of my textbooks, and now all I have left is a Louis and Clark book and A Tale of Two Cities to finish.
I’m very excited 🙂

So I’ve been thinking of what I want to spend my summer doing, and this is what I’ve come up with:

-Write with pen and paper–Microsoft Word will be scarcely opened.
-Spend a lot of time outside, swimming, running, playing.
-Listen. To God, people, myself, and music.
-Read everything I can get my hands on.
-Do more crafts.  Like this one.
-Take lots and lots and lots of pictures.
-Memorize Matthew. Minus the genealogy.
-Love more. Be selfless. Work on humility.
-Document your summer in a scrapbook.
-Bake. Cook. A lot.
-Go tent camping.
-See Tenth Avenue North in concert.

…and more stuff as I discover more opportunities.


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