The Little Things

Today, I’ve been thinking about how my day was just an “eh” kind of day. But then it go a lot better, because the phrase “It’s the little things” popped into my head, and I immediately started thinking of all the good, little things that were around me today. Here are some:

Little kids. Looking back, their smiles (and screams) were pretty cute.

Blue balloons (via)


An Anne of Green Gables WeddingImage

One Hundred Words

The beach (…and then leaving and heading over to my house to swim in our pool because the water was full of seaweed)

Blue skies and white clouds

Mat Kearney (especially this song)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Popsicles


I’m sorry if this is cheesy, but it’s what is going through my head.

 Happy Thursday!



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