The Meteor Shower

On Sunday night, me, my little sister Olivia, and our parents went outside to watch the meteor shower. I was super excited because I’d heard it was going to be a pretty awesome one. We went behind our pond and stood in the vineyard surrounding our house. At that time, I’d never seen a meteor shower before. I was eager to see how it would turn out.


I didn’t bring my camera (thus, the picture above is not mine). I knew it would be kind of pointless to try and get a picture of a meteor that’s only there for one moment. Also, I wanted to enjoy the meteor shower. Not that I don’t enjoy photography, because I do. I really do. But I didn’t want to worry about getting the “perfect picture,” so I didn’t bring it at all.

Unfortunately, it was cloudy. But not completely. We still saw two! Even though it was cold and cloudy, I still enjoyed myself. It was the perfect way to end my Sunday.


One thought on “The Meteor Shower

  1. cameraca

    Hi I noticed the title of your post about the meteor shower. We saw it also however it would have been better for us farther from city lights however I was still able to see 6 or 7 in about 10 minutes so it was still fun to watch.


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