Summer Can’t Last Forever

Yesterday was my last free day. School starts today.
Now I’ve got to get back into the discipline needed to get my schoolwork done. I have to do math again (ewww…)
I’ve decided to take tons and TONS of notes this year so I can get rid of all of my half-used notebooks. We’ll see how this goes. 


It’s kind of bittersweet for me. I don’t want to let summer go, but the discipline that eventually comes with school is needed. Summer can’t last forever.


At least it finished with a nice end. Summer, that is. I went to church, worshiped my glorious God, then came home and ate some yummy lunch. Then I played tennis with my dad. We won’t go into how badly I did until the end. We went swimming after that, which was refreshing. Then came the church corn roast. We ate corn (duh), played games, and went on hayrides. I was one of the two people who helped photograph it, and that made me happy. 😀


Overall, my summer was pretty nice. Remember the list of things I wanted to do this summer? Well, let’s see how many I  actually did.

– Write with pen and paper–Microsoft Word will be scarcely opened. I did write with pen and paper more than I normally do, but Microsoft Word was still opened.
Spend a lot of time outside, swimming, running, playing. I took up running again. I never really stopped, but I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. I’m still not, but more than I was.
Listen. To God, people, myself, and music. I don’t know how well I listened. I tried to listen to people more. I know I listened to God when He told me to go to camp (it just took me awhile to obey). And music? Well. I know I listened to music a lot.
Read everything I can get my hands on. I definitely read. From Sherlock Holmes to Blue Like Jazz. I’m in the process of reading After the Dancing Days.
Do more crafts.  Like this oneI did more crafts. I didn’t make the dress I was planning on, but I started making cards. It’s actually kinda fun 🙂
Take lots and lots and lots of pictures. I definitely took lots of pictures.
Memorize Matthew. Minus the genealogy. Well… I memorized part of it. But I at least read the whole thing.
Love more. Be selfless. Work on humility. I don’t know how I did on this one. I’ll let the people I know judge this one.
Document your summer in a scrapbook. I have yet to make a scrapbook of my summer, but it will happen. I promise.
Bake. Cook. A lot. I think I did pretty well on baking and cooking. I mean, considering I worked in a kitchen this summer… AND I made my very first pie this summer! It was pretty good! 🙂
Go tent camping. I haven’t gone tent camping. But I will. I hope.
See Tenth Avenue North in concert. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see Tenth Avenue North in concert. But I AM seeing the Newsboys in September.

Plus, I worked at camp, and I know that I’ve grown closer to God this summer. But now I have to move on and discover new things, like what Biology is about, and how to work out Geometry. It’s time to see how many vocabulary words I know, and how many I thought I knew and totally messed up.


But summer will come back around eventually. It always does. And I’ll be waiting for it with open arms.



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