DIY Clipboard Recipe Holder

I know, the DIY section on this blog doesn’t exist. But I’d like to change that—slowly. DIY posts aren’t going to appear a lot, unless I get really inspired and do a ton of projects. But you aren’t here to read about that. You’re here to figure out what I’m talking about.

So, here goes…

You’ll need:
-A clipboard
-Ink Pad
-Cork board
-Sticky notepad


So basically, you paint your clipboard whatever color you want. I advise you to make sure the color goes with your kitchen. I made the mistake of not thinking that one through… ANYWAY! Let it dry, and then if needed, do another coat. I just did a touch up coat, but do whatever you need.

After it’s all dried, stamp on it in whatever pattern you want. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Mine isn’t. At all. But you can’t see it because it’s covered up by the cork board. If you want to, stamp on the cork board, too. I didn’t, but I’ve seen it done before and it’s very pretty.

Your cork board should have come with little sticky thingys. So once the ink is dry, put those on and stick it on the clipboard. Make sure you still have enough room for the notepad (side) and the recipe card (top). Stick the notepad on and viola! You have this awesome thing that (hopefully) goes with your kitchen!


ImageWell. I’d say for my first DIY tutorial I didn’t do too bad. Sorry for the lack of visual aid, and the choppiness. I’ll get better. I promise!

Have a wonderful, lovely evening.



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