Camping Fall 2012


It was beautiful. The leaves, the mountains, the animals. It only rained at night. Except Saturday. I rode a horse that day. The last time I rode a horse was a long time ago. The time spent with family and friends was refreshing and relaxing. I read through two books (Homeless Bird, and The Mark of Athena), which were both amazing. The campground had a playground. I was very happy about that.

I love being surrounded by the trees’ beautiful leaves and the different animals. We had a stray cat find its way into our camper, and found a turtle by the fire pit (plus much more. Those were the two most amusing, though). When it was time to go back home, no one wanted to leave. But, of course, we did. Now it’s back to school and chores.

It was fun while it lasted, and many good memories were made. I can’t wait until next time.



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