Progress Report: NaNoWriMo 2012


I’ve got a word count of 17,826 (I should have 19,000 by tonight). Thank goodness my goal is only 30,000 instead of 50,000. Even though it’s not as much of an accomplishment of writing 50,000 words, what I’m writing is perfectly fine. Besides, I never said I was going to finish my novel at 30,000 words. That’s just where I’ll be at the end of November. Hopefully.

I was fine until Chapter Five. But the second I wrote the last few words of Chapter Four I realized I had no idea what I wanted from this next chapter. I shortly contemplated writing an outline. Then I remembered one thing:

I’m awful at outlines. I’ll write it after the story/paper is over. But before? Nooooooooooooo. It just doesn’t work for me. I had to get some ideas flowing for this chapter though, so I wrote my goals out. A goals list is different from an outline. There’s more flexibility in writing and it’s less time-consuming (unless you go into extreme detail, which I refuse to do for a goals list).

I had seven very broad (but specific in another way) goals. I wrote them all in twenty-four hours (but two different days), and I’m pretty proud of Chapter Five. Now, onto Chapter Six. After I write my goals.


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