An Excerpt

Here’s a little passage from my NaNoWriMo novel (the title is still Curiously Crazy, as of right now. Keep reading and you’ll understand). It’s a pretty strange excerpt, but I wanted to let you know that most of the crazy people on the streets/sidewalks are people I’ve seen. So don’t judge my super-duper crazy, wacky, over-imaginative thoughts (although I do tend to have quite a few of those).

ANYWAY! Here you go. (Goldie is a dog, by the way.)

     After about fifteen minutes, we drive into the craziest city I’ve ever seen. Cars are recklessly driven. People are walking and running and shouting everywhere, oblivious to cars, other people, and the farmer who’s walking his pig on the sidewalk like it’s a dog. Goldie howls and scratches on the car window, wishing he could run free with all the craziness.

     A kid is standing in the middle of the road with a wheelbarrow full of boxes next to him. He’s reading a piece of paper, completely unaware of the cars whizzing by him.

     Maybe this is completely normal. I’ve never been to a big city, so I wouldn’t know. Still, this doesn’t feel normal. It’s too chaotic. From the pig and the woman walking across the street with her nose in a book, to the group of young kids singing Christmas carols even though it’s fall. Maybe I’m dreaming.

     Drew leans over and whispers in my ear, “Is this real?”

     “Yes.” The words didn’t come from me. They came from the kid up front. I don’t know how he heard over Goldie’s howling.

     In a little while, we come across a small part of the city that isn’t decorated with tall buildings and colorful, flashing lights. The roads turns from pavement to dirt, and a huge farmhouse comes into view. It’s surrounded by half-dead grass, various kinds of farm animals, and a small barn. A few children are playing in a leaf pile, and an old man is sitting on a rocking chair on the house’s porch, smoking a pipe. The kids wave enthusiastically when they see the car pull up.


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