Both Sides

I got a Nook for Christmas.
Yeah, I know. Awesome. And not so awesome.
The printed word lovers out there are all going “YOU’VE BETRAYED US! YOU’VE GONE OVER THE THE DARK SIDE! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU!!”
The electronic lovers are all going “Yippee!” as they read this on their iPad or whatever.
I don’t know whose side I’m on. There are benefits to an actual book. There are benefits to a Nook.
I’ll never ever ever stop reading printed books. There’s something special about books. But Nooks are okay too. They’re just special in a different way.
I like my Nook. The prices are lower, and it comes with its own light.
I like books. I can turn pages and throw it if I get mad (I did that when Dobby died in the Harry Potter series. Don’t judge me, that little elf was awesome).
But which one do I like better? Now that’s an unfair question, especially considering I haven’t even had the Nook for a week yet.
Both are awesome. Neither printed word lovers nor Nook/Kindle/whatever lovers are wrong in their arguments. It all depends on your lifestyle and your own personal opinions.
On the other hand, it doesn’t matter *that* much, does it? You still get to enjoy awesome stories, either way.



One thought on “Both Sides

  1. Miss Barb

    I agree. I like them both. I like the portability of do many books on my Nook. No matter what I’m in the mood to read, no matter where I’m at I have it available on my Nook. But I still prefer the printed page. I can write notes in the margins. I have a sense of ownership with the story; the act of turning the pages makes me physically involved and connected to the story. And Nooks don’t look nearly as pretty as books on a bookshelf. A bound book is a piece if art in itself.


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