Ice Skating & Contra Dancing

I hate trying new things. New foods, new activities, new people. Ick. Yet this weekend has been absolutely full of new things.
The best part?
I had a blast.
First, I went ice skating for the first time on Friday night. I didn’t want to go. I was terrified of losing control or falling or both. But once I was on the ice and my friend taught me how to skate, I had lots of fun. I lost control a few times, but never actually fell (a fact that I am very proud to tell).


And then last night, I went contra dancing for the first time. Again, I was terrified. I was afraid of getting partnered with someone weird, or completely messing up and getting lost. And even though I did mess up and get terribly lost a few times, I still had a blast. Of course, my partner (a very nice, very cute boy who I danced with almost the whole night) was gracious and kind enough to tell me what a do-si-do is, how to promenade, and many other things.

It was a very fun weekend.
There is only one problem with all of this:
I’m exhausted. I really need to get some rest. I never realized ice skating and dancing until 10:00 PM two nights in a row would take this much out of me.

With that said, goodnight, dear world.

*Image isn’t mine. Click on it to see where it came from.


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