Pros & Cons

So I know most of you won’t get this (unless you do), but I had to make this (because I did).
The said “this” is a Pros and Cons list that I made about one of my absolute favorite book series (The Gallagher Girls Series) by Ally Carter.
The books are about girl spies in training (but you don’t know that. It’s a secret).
For those who do get this (and I think that would mainly be anyone who sees this via Pinterest, because I am planning on pinning this to one of my boards), enjoy. And, Ally, if you ever see this, we all love you.♥ (And, on a more personal note, you were one of the first people who inspired me to start writing. And you still do inspire me. A lot.)
To anyone who thinks the above sentences are cheesy, leave. You have absolutely no idea how much Ally Carter has influenced my writing. No. Idea.

And now for the list! I was inspired to make it by Cammie’s lists, and this one over here.



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