moon 076

I never thought I’d make it to sixteen. This age has always been somewhere far away in time. It’s always been a time I’d never reach. And yet here I am, able to say I’m sixteen.
It’s kind of creepy. But that’s okay. I can handle this kind of creepy, because it comes with a lot of good, and so many new dreams and ideas I think my head is going to explode.
See, I have almost impossible goals for my sixteenth year. I don’t want to say what, because I know that the chances of them happening are negative 100%. But I can hope and dream and try my very hardest to succeed. Also, I can say this: what I want to do with this year is huge (like, so huge it feels like Mt. Everest to me). It’s something that, if everything goes as planned (*laughs*), will touch a lot of people.
But I have to trust God and pray a lot to get there. And then there’s the hard work and the concentration. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll succeed. And when I do, we can all celebrate together. And if I don’t get there, seventeen will come around soon enough.
But for now, I’ve only got a year to be sixteen, and I’m going to make it the best I can.



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