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click on the picture to see where i got it from (etsy).

Artists* posses a neat talent. We have the ability to create, form, shape, make—whatever word you want to use—amazing things with whatever we’re given. We take what we have and make it into something wild or beautiful or touching.

Writers have a lot. We have our minds, words, a pen, and some paper (or a computer, depending on the person). But we have so much more than that. We can take absolutely anything we see and use it in a story (yeah, even that piece of garbage blowing across the street). We take some boring things, mix it up with the whirlwind of chaos in our heads, and come up with something like a book or a piece of poetry or a short story or whatever. Just look at all of the amazing works that have been created: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Chronicles of Narnia, Percy Jackson, and ______ (insert your own favorite series). And those are only book series! I haven’t even mentioned all of the individual books or the short stories or the poetry and everything else (yes, even non-fiction).

When painters start out, they have some colorful liquid, a blank canvas, and whatever they want to paint. Yet somehow (I don’t know how they do it—it’s amazing) they manage to make some of the most beautiful images in the world.

Dancers have their bodies and their minds. Yeah, they have some training too, but that won’t help them one bit if they don’t want it to. I’ve seen dancers who have amazing potential toss it all away because they don’t care about dance. They have better things to do. And while there’s nothing wrong with that (as long as they really do have better things to do), it proves my point. If you want to be a beautiful dancer, you have to try.

Art is special and precious. It shows that this world has beauty in it. Artists have a way of accentuating that. They have that talent, and I’m ever so grateful that they exist. Because the “earth” without “art” is just “eh.”


*An artist can be defined as many things, and just about every person has their own opinion of what a real artist is. But I think of artists as writers, photographers, painters, sculptors, dancers, sketchers, singer-songwriters, yes—even you, Miss Stay-At-Home-Mom Who Likes to Create Her Own Little Pieces of Beauty, etc.


What on Earth is Wrong with this Place?

Today I came across this piece that I made in my much-loved, half-broken, worn notebook. I vaguely remember writing it, but don’t recall what brought around these thoughts. All I remember is that it all started with that circle on the page. I was trying to figure out how to turn a blank page with a black ring on it into a beautiful piece of art.
And then there it was. Fill half of the circle with synonyms for “beautiful,” and the other half with antonyms. And, somehow (I guess), the rest of the words just flowed from my head, through my hands, and onto the paper.


Which is stronger?
 A kind word, or a derogatory one?
If first: what about one’s insecurities? Would they not kill any goodness in an instant?
If second: how could men possibly be so cruel to each other? Even a weaker but nice word is better than a strong, mean one.
What on earth is wrong with this place?
Contradicting but beautiful. Large, yet so, so small. Full of idolotry and purity. Supposedly sinnless, but so broken we can’t even see our ugliness. So vain, so humble. Confusingly simple. So full of hatred.
I don’t understand this world I live in.
So I’ll cling to Christ, who will save me from this place.
This crazy, twisting, long, fantastic, odd, beautiful life means something to Him.
And I don’t mean to disappoint Him.


Six Word Stories (Plus a Secret Story)

I like writing (and reading) six word stories. They can be fun writing prompts because they leave so much left for the imagination to figure out. Such a little bunch of words can make you laugh, wrench your heart out, or make you raise your eyebrows at someone’s cleverness. These stories can help you to appreciate the art of writing, too. I mean, some of these tales are pretty awesome, right?
Here are some of mine. Enjoy.

He handed her a single rose.
She twirled and spun and laughed.
“We have come to kill you.”
She took her backpack and ran.
She took it, smiled, then left.

“Will you please dance with me?”
She gave it all to Him.
The whole family resented that man.
But he couldn’t let her go.
She didn’t remember anything at all.
He received the letter, then disappeared.
Time went so fast back then.
He begged her to not go.
The little girl lost her balloon.
His anger destroyed all of them.
“I can’t do this any longer.”
After much begging, she finally consented.
They still laugh at year-old jokes.
(That counts. Hyphens mean one word.)
See what I did there? Six!
They dated for two whole years.
“Just let go. I’ll catch you.”
They sung songs all night long.
She fell asleep under the stars.
They’ve been married for twelve years.

Now for the secret story part! Somewhere in here is a hidden story (it’s not individual words. I’ll {possibly} do that another time. But just worry about the sentences for this one). Whoever can find the story wins! But you don’t get anything. Sorry.
HINT: It contains 7 of the sentences (gee, I practically gave it away right there).

Have fun!

some photos

I was going through some old pictures that I took/edited awhile back, and I came across these:

ImageImageImageImageImageI know, I know. The first few are slightly strange. I don’t know what my motive was. But either way, I thought they were cool when I first edited them. And, in a way, they are.

Happy Saturday!