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Not Giving Up

**WARNING:** This is the most clichéd (and repetitive [it was in the middle of the night when I made it. Give me a break]) poem you will ever read (or I will ever write—hopefully). I wrote it a few nights ago after falling asleep, waking up, and realizing that somehow, someday, all those words I’ve written and kept hidden in Microsoft Word documents will have a purpose.

Like the flowers,
I will bloom.
Like the sun,
I will burn.
Like the stars,
I will shine.
Like the trees,
I will grow.
Like the leaves,
I will dance.
Like the wind,
I will push
Those who need
the nudge
Toward the light
of my Savior.
Like a baby bird,
I will fly.
And then fall.
But I will land
On a branch,
And keep trying.
I’m not giving up.



A lot of Things

Today is Jenny’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! : )

I finished my word count for NaNoWriMo on Wednesday. The book, though, isn’t completely finished. It’s getting there, though.

Today is the last day of November. I still can’t get over that.

My birthday is in 66 days and 14 hours.

I really like Christmas music. : )

And now, some pictures from a recent trip to a dock near where I live.



An Excerpt

Here’s a little passage from my NaNoWriMo novel (the title is still Curiously Crazy, as of right now. Keep reading and you’ll understand). It’s a pretty strange excerpt, but I wanted to let you know that most of the crazy people on the streets/sidewalks are people I’ve seen. So don’t judge my super-duper crazy, wacky, over-imaginative thoughts (although I do tend to have quite a few of those).

ANYWAY! Here you go. (Goldie is a dog, by the way.)

     After about fifteen minutes, we drive into the craziest city I’ve ever seen. Cars are recklessly driven. People are walking and running and shouting everywhere, oblivious to cars, other people, and the farmer who’s walking his pig on the sidewalk like it’s a dog. Goldie howls and scratches on the car window, wishing he could run free with all the craziness.

     A kid is standing in the middle of the road with a wheelbarrow full of boxes next to him. He’s reading a piece of paper, completely unaware of the cars whizzing by him.

     Maybe this is completely normal. I’ve never been to a big city, so I wouldn’t know. Still, this doesn’t feel normal. It’s too chaotic. From the pig and the woman walking across the street with her nose in a book, to the group of young kids singing Christmas carols even though it’s fall. Maybe I’m dreaming.

     Drew leans over and whispers in my ear, “Is this real?”

     “Yes.” The words didn’t come from me. They came from the kid up front. I don’t know how he heard over Goldie’s howling.

     In a little while, we come across a small part of the city that isn’t decorated with tall buildings and colorful, flashing lights. The roads turns from pavement to dirt, and a huge farmhouse comes into view. It’s surrounded by half-dead grass, various kinds of farm animals, and a small barn. A few children are playing in a leaf pile, and an old man is sitting on a rocking chair on the house’s porch, smoking a pipe. The kids wave enthusiastically when they see the car pull up.


Happy Thanksgiving!

So, I suppose I should tell you guys what I’m thankful for this year, huh?
Nah… I’ll just go with this:

Happy Thanksgiving. I pray that every person out there (yes, even you) has a wonderful, beautiful day. I pray that travelers stay safe, none of the turkeys are under cooked, and everyone has a great time seeing family and friends. I pray that those hosting dinner in their homes will not feel stressed and will enjoy themselves, too. Last but not least, I pray that everyone will stop, remember that Thanksgiving is about being thankful, and put down the Black Friday adds for a little bit.

I’ll leave you with that.


Progress Report: NaNoWriMo 2012


I’ve got a word count of 17,826 (I should have 19,000 by tonight). Thank goodness my goal is only 30,000 instead of 50,000. Even though it’s not as much of an accomplishment of writing 50,000 words, what I’m writing is perfectly fine. Besides, I never said I was going to finish my novel at 30,000 words. That’s just where I’ll be at the end of November. Hopefully.

I was fine until Chapter Five. But the second I wrote the last few words of Chapter Four I realized I had no idea what I wanted from this next chapter. I shortly contemplated writing an outline. Then I remembered one thing:

I’m awful at outlines. I’ll write it after the story/paper is over. But before? Nooooooooooooo. It just doesn’t work for me. I had to get some ideas flowing for this chapter though, so I wrote my goals out. A goals list is different from an outline. There’s more flexibility in writing and it’s less time-consuming (unless you go into extreme detail, which I refuse to do for a goals list).

I had seven very broad (but specific in another way) goals. I wrote them all in twenty-four hours (but two different days), and I’m pretty proud of Chapter Five. Now, onto Chapter Six. After I write my goals.



Anyone else out there dong NaNoWriMo? I am! 😀 Unfortunately, I’m slightly behind… but that will change!

I’m doing the Young Writers Program because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to write 50,000 words in a month. I left my word count at the default 30,000 but I might change it. We’ll see how it goes. You can buddy me over here. I think, anyway. I’m still not quite sure how this whole buddying thing works. I’ve only done NaNoWriMo once, and that was over four years ago. I wasn’t very dedicated, but this year I plan on winning. Hopefully.

My novel summary:

A usual day in my life consists of school, homework, and chores. On occasion, I have the time to read. Typically, I don’t get asked to go places. People don’t seem to like me. Honestly, I’m a loner. But I like it that way. People just get in my way. Besides, they’re generally very boring (or extremely loud, as my younger siblings seem to be).
Then, one day, I meet Isaac and Freya.
That’s when everything changes.

I named my novel Curiously Crazy because the main character, Alexa, is really curious and she’s going to be doing some pretty crazy things (and, as you can tell from the summary, she’s kind of judgmental). Most likely, I’ll end up changing the title, but for now it’s what I’ve got.

And now, I need to go write. Bye! 🙂