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Six Word Stories (Plus a Secret Story)

I like writing (and reading) six word stories. They can be fun writing prompts because they leave so much left for the imagination to figure out. Such a little bunch of words can make you laugh, wrench your heart out, or make you raise your eyebrows at someone’s cleverness. These stories can help you to appreciate the art of writing, too. I mean, some of these tales are pretty awesome, right?
Here are some of mine. Enjoy.

He handed her a single rose.
She twirled and spun and laughed.
“We have come to kill you.”
She took her backpack and ran.
She took it, smiled, then left.

“Will you please dance with me?”
She gave it all to Him.
The whole family resented that man.
But he couldn’t let her go.
She didn’t remember anything at all.
He received the letter, then disappeared.
Time went so fast back then.
He begged her to not go.
The little girl lost her balloon.
His anger destroyed all of them.
“I can’t do this any longer.”
After much begging, she finally consented.
They still laugh at year-old jokes.
(That counts. Hyphens mean one word.)
See what I did there? Six!
They dated for two whole years.
“Just let go. I’ll catch you.”
They sung songs all night long.
She fell asleep under the stars.
They’ve been married for twelve years.

Now for the secret story part! Somewhere in here is a hidden story (it’s not individual words. I’ll {possibly} do that another time. But just worry about the sentences for this one). Whoever can find the story wins! But you don’t get anything. Sorry.
HINT: It contains 7 of the sentences (gee, I practically gave it away right there).

Have fun!


Have a Laugh.

The other morning, I was determined to write a short story. About what, I had no clue. So I just sat there in a rocking chair on the front porch, staring into space. Nothing came to me. My mind was blank. Then an idea came to me. I would write a short story about my problem! I would write about writer’s block.
Now, the only way you’re going to find this funny is if you know my name. So. Does anyone know who I am? Anyone? Well, for those of you who don’t… Rebekah.

Now read. I promise it’s not long, and you’ll at least smile when you get to the end. Even if it’s only mentally.

Greg sighed. He hated writer’s block. The whiteness of the notebook page almost seemed sinful to him. Poking the page with his pen, Greg tried to think up a first sentence. Even a word would do.
Greg had gotten up early to write. Always had. Before the kids bounced down the stairs with their cheerful noise, he’d tiptoed down the stairs and into the kitchen. He’d woken up his wife, Cherry, because he’d stepped on a LEGO and sworn slightly louder than he’d planned.
All for nothing. The only thing he could think of was how awful writer’s block was. He’d read many articles on how to “Rid Writer’s Block for Good,” or on “Making Writer’s Block your Friend,” but nothing helped.
Then Greg got an idea. He’d write about writer’s block. Carefully, he formed his dot into an “R” and wrote, “Rebekah sighed. She hated writer’s block…”

Have a lovely day.