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Sans Souci


(click on it to see where I got it from)

Carefree. No worries. Without care. That’s what Sans Souci means in French. This phrase showed up today on my page-a-day calendar. It reminded me of a verse I memorized last year.

Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7, NIV)

This one little sentence has been nagging at me for the past few days. Why? Because I haven’t been casting all of my anxieties on Christ. I’ve been doing it with some of them. The others, though, I keep forgetting about, or I don’t think they’re important.
But that’s the thing. God thinks everything is important, because, to Him, I am important. He cares about the little things just as much as I do.
So He cares about that math problem I couldn’t figure out this morning (I got it wrong, by the way). He cares that I can’t seem to remember how to make a cursive capital “S,” and that when I try, the result looks something like a pregnant duck (no joke). He wants me to be able to figure out how I’m like Pip (Great Expectations) so I can write my paper and hand it in to my mom.
He cares about everything.
So I need to bring Him everything—the good and the bad, the humongous and the tiny. Because He cares, and He’ll help me.



Six Word Stories (Plus a Secret Story)

I like writing (and reading) six word stories. They can be fun writing prompts because they leave so much left for the imagination to figure out. Such a little bunch of words can make you laugh, wrench your heart out, or make you raise your eyebrows at someone’s cleverness. These stories can help you to appreciate the art of writing, too. I mean, some of these tales are pretty awesome, right?
Here are some of mine. Enjoy.

He handed her a single rose.
She twirled and spun and laughed.
“We have come to kill you.”
She took her backpack and ran.
She took it, smiled, then left.

“Will you please dance with me?”
She gave it all to Him.
The whole family resented that man.
But he couldn’t let her go.
She didn’t remember anything at all.
He received the letter, then disappeared.
Time went so fast back then.
He begged her to not go.
The little girl lost her balloon.
His anger destroyed all of them.
“I can’t do this any longer.”
After much begging, she finally consented.
They still laugh at year-old jokes.
(That counts. Hyphens mean one word.)
See what I did there? Six!
They dated for two whole years.
“Just let go. I’ll catch you.”
They sung songs all night long.
She fell asleep under the stars.
They’ve been married for twelve years.

Now for the secret story part! Somewhere in here is a hidden story (it’s not individual words. I’ll {possibly} do that another time. But just worry about the sentences for this one). Whoever can find the story wins! But you don’t get anything. Sorry.
HINT: It contains 7 of the sentences (gee, I practically gave it away right there).

Have fun!



When I swing, I don’t have to think. My legs automatically move back and forth by themselves, letting my brain relax. I can just be myself, be loose, because swinging doesn’t really take a lot of personality. Anyone can do it. If you love it, you do it. That’s all there is to it. If you don’t like it, fine. Go play on the slides. I like it because my mind can just wander to whatever odd place my imagination has thought up of. Maybe it’s a new story I want to write, or traveling the world. I’ve come up with some pretty awesome ideas while swinging. Maybe, sometime, you’ll read about one.


I Love Jesus Because…

(This post is inspired from my last Sunday School lesson, when my teacher said that you don’t have to feel guilty about praising God because He did something awesome for you. Praising Him is a good thing.)

I love Jesus because He gave me an amazing family who love me for who I am.
I love Jesus because He gave me two Christian parents.
I love Jesus because He has given me a house to call home, food to eat, and a warm bed to sleep in.
I love Jesus because He has given me amazing friends.
I love Jesus because He has given me the ability to hear, see, touch, smell, taste, read, write, walk.
I love Jesus because He will never leave my side.
I love Jesus because He will always forgive me when I ask. No matter what I do.
I love Jesus because He loved me first.
I love Jesus because He has given my sister the ability to dance beautifully, with all her heart, for Him.
I love Jesus because He will always protects me.
I love Jesus because He died for me, my family, my friends—everyone.
I love Jesus because He invented music.
I love Jesus because He has given me another day to praise Him with.
I love Jesus because He always knows what’s going on, even when I don’t.
I love Jesus because He had someone come up with the awesome idea of apple pie.