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Through the Fields


She walks through the fields,
The wind blowing through her dark hair.
As she drifts, she sails on the wind.

With pale arms outstretched, she sings.
Her songs are of new love,
Intertwined hearts, and lovely days.

Bare feet waltz through the grass,
Dancing with the breeze
That carries aromas of daisies and roses.

Flowers braided in her hair,
Freckles turned up to the sun,
She leaps and twirls through her peaceful haven.

She cries, she laughs, she ponders.
She basks in the sun,
Which is her constant friend.

She is the Wanderer,
The Queen of Nature,
The Dancer.

She is the Singer.
She sings in the refreshing rain,
And she sings under the rays of her friend.

And through all, she dances,
Skipping softly around
Her sea of weeds.

Her true home,
Her make-believe garden,
Her blissful sanctuary.

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Rainy Days


rainy days are for sitting on the front porch and watching the storm.
rainy days are for curling up in the comfiest armchair you can find and reading a good book.
rainy days are for endless mugs of hot tea.
rainy days are for going on walks with the brightest umbrella possible and splashing in all the puddles.
rainy days are for catching drops on your tongue.
rainy days are for writing in solitude and peace.
rainy days are for staying inside and making art.
rainy days are for the smell of wetness that always refreshes the earth.
rainy days are for taking unique pictures.
rainy days are for listening to quiet, gentle music that softly drifts through the air.
rainy days are for getting together with friends.
rainy days are for singing along to your favorite hymns and songs.
rainy days are for anything.


Thunderstorms-From Bekah

Right now, a thunder storm is going on right outside my window. No rain at the moment, just thunder and lightning. When I was younger, I used to be terrified of the ominous booms and the crazy flashes of lightning. But now I’ve taken on a different point of view–the one I used to think was ridiculous.

Thunder and lightning are ways God shows his power to us down here on earth, and it should probably bring on some awe and fear towards Him, from us. We shouldn’t be afraid of the thunder and the lightning. We should be afraid of God. He’s the one who made the thunder and lightning. He can take it away at any point, or he can kill you with it in a second.

– Bekah