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A Wish for Summer


Oh, how I can’t wait for summer to be here. The warm weather, the freedom from school, the swimming in the pool, the camping trips, and wearing shorts again. Spring is almost here. And, after that, is summer. It will come, eventually, and I’ll be waiting with an open heart and a happy grin on my face when it does.



Through the Fields


She walks through the fields,
The wind blowing through her dark hair.
As she drifts, she sails on the wind.

With pale arms outstretched, she sings.
Her songs are of new love,
Intertwined hearts, and lovely days.

Bare feet waltz through the grass,
Dancing with the breeze
That carries aromas of daisies and roses.

Flowers braided in her hair,
Freckles turned up to the sun,
She leaps and twirls through her peaceful haven.

She cries, she laughs, she ponders.
She basks in the sun,
Which is her constant friend.

She is the Wanderer,
The Queen of Nature,
The Dancer.

She is the Singer.
She sings in the refreshing rain,
And she sings under the rays of her friend.

And through all, she dances,
Skipping softly around
Her sea of weeds.

Her true home,
Her make-believe garden,
Her blissful sanctuary.

This poem is posted on TeenInk over here. (Please, please, PLEASE rate it!)

Summer Can’t Last Forever

Yesterday was my last free day. School starts today.
Now I’ve got to get back into the discipline needed to get my schoolwork done. I have to do math again (ewww…)
I’ve decided to take tons and TONS of notes this year so I can get rid of all of my half-used notebooks. We’ll see how this goes. 


It’s kind of bittersweet for me. I don’t want to let summer go, but the discipline that eventually comes with school is needed. Summer can’t last forever.


At least it finished with a nice end. Summer, that is. I went to church, worshiped my glorious God, then came home and ate some yummy lunch. Then I played tennis with my dad. We won’t go into how badly I did until the end. We went swimming after that, which was refreshing. Then came the church corn roast. We ate corn (duh), played games, and went on hayrides. I was one of the two people who helped photograph it, and that made me happy. 😀


Overall, my summer was pretty nice. Remember the list of things I wanted to do this summer? Well, let’s see how many I  actually did.

– Write with pen and paper–Microsoft Word will be scarcely opened. I did write with pen and paper more than I normally do, but Microsoft Word was still opened.
Spend a lot of time outside, swimming, running, playing. I took up running again. I never really stopped, but I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. I’m still not, but more than I was.
Listen. To God, people, myself, and music. I don’t know how well I listened. I tried to listen to people more. I know I listened to God when He told me to go to camp (it just took me awhile to obey). And music? Well. I know I listened to music a lot.
Read everything I can get my hands on. I definitely read. From Sherlock Holmes to Blue Like Jazz. I’m in the process of reading After the Dancing Days.
Do more crafts.  Like this oneI did more crafts. I didn’t make the dress I was planning on, but I started making cards. It’s actually kinda fun 🙂
Take lots and lots and lots of pictures. I definitely took lots of pictures.
Memorize Matthew. Minus the genealogy. Well… I memorized part of it. But I at least read the whole thing.
Love more. Be selfless. Work on humility. I don’t know how I did on this one. I’ll let the people I know judge this one.
Document your summer in a scrapbook. I have yet to make a scrapbook of my summer, but it will happen. I promise.
Bake. Cook. A lot. I think I did pretty well on baking and cooking. I mean, considering I worked in a kitchen this summer… AND I made my very first pie this summer! It was pretty good! 🙂
Go tent camping. I haven’t gone tent camping. But I will. I hope.
See Tenth Avenue North in concert. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see Tenth Avenue North in concert. But I AM seeing the Newsboys in September.

Plus, I worked at camp, and I know that I’ve grown closer to God this summer. But now I have to move on and discover new things, like what Biology is about, and how to work out Geometry. It’s time to see how many vocabulary words I know, and how many I thought I knew and totally messed up.


But summer will come back around eventually. It always does. And I’ll be waiting for it with open arms.


The Meteor Shower

On Sunday night, me, my little sister Olivia, and our parents went outside to watch the meteor shower. I was super excited because I’d heard it was going to be a pretty awesome one. We went behind our pond and stood in the vineyard surrounding our house. At that time, I’d never seen a meteor shower before. I was eager to see how it would turn out.


I didn’t bring my camera (thus, the picture above is not mine). I knew it would be kind of pointless to try and get a picture of a meteor that’s only there for one moment. Also, I wanted to enjoy the meteor shower. Not that I don’t enjoy photography, because I do. I really do. But I didn’t want to worry about getting the “perfect picture,” so I didn’t bring it at all.

Unfortunately, it was cloudy. But not completely. We still saw two! Even though it was cold and cloudy, I still enjoyed myself. It was the perfect way to end my Sunday.



A couple times this summer, I’ve worked out at a Christian camp. I chose to be in the kitchen. A lot of people seemed to think that was weird, considering I could’ve worked with the horses, or been a junior counselor, or something more fun. But the kitchen is where God wanted me this summer, and it’s where I want to be next summer.

When I first arrived at camp for staff training, I really didn’t want to be there. I was scared. What if people didn’t like me? What if I messed up? Maybe I didn’t want to work at a camp. But I went anyway. Of course, I loved it.

I have to admit, there were times when I didn’t want to be there. And you know what? I messed up a lot. The funniest time was this past Friday night. We had hot dogs for dinner, but you know what I did? I put out hamburger buns. Thankfully, the head cook is really really nice and merciful. So we laughed. All of us. I didn’t have time to kick myself, because there weren’t any pointing fingers. Just smiling faces and lots of laughs. Lots.

If I learned (well, relearned) one thing this summer, it’s that I’m not perfect. Far from, actually. But that’s okay. The only perfect person to walk this earth was Jesus, and that’s the way it’s going to stay.


During my last week there, I realized I really like some of the songs. One of them really spoke to me, and it was a ton of fun singing it, however good or awful it sounded.

Overall, I loved camp. There were a few bad times, but so many good times that those will be forgotten. I can’t wait until next summer to go back.