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Favorite Love Songs

Image(playlist here.)

What I love about Valentine’s Day:
-Seeing my parents happily going out on a date.
-Getting Valentines and feeling super-duper special even though everyone else got one almost exactly like it.

What I don’t like about Valentine’s Day:
-It’s not a holiday for single people.
-Me=single. But I’m okay with that. Except on Valentine’s Day.

(But the chocolate makes it all okay.)
Happy Valentine’s Day!


Pros & Cons

So I know most of you won’t get this (unless you do), but I had to make this (because I did).
The said “this” is a Pros and Cons list that I made about one of my absolute favorite book series (The Gallagher Girls Series) by Ally Carter.
The books are about girl spies in training (but you don’t know that. It’s a secret).
For those who do get this (and I think that would mainly be anyone who sees this via Pinterest, because I am planning on pinning this to one of my boards), enjoy. And, Ally, if you ever see this, we all love you.♥ (And, on a more personal note, you were one of the first people who inspired me to start writing. And you still do inspire me. A lot.)
To anyone who thinks the above sentences are cheesy, leave. You have absolutely no idea how much Ally Carter has influenced my writing. No. Idea.

And now for the list! I was inspired to make it by Cammie’s lists, and this one over here.



Sixteen Going on Seventeen (Reprise)

I watched The Sound of Music with my sisters tonight. Two songs stood out: this one, and the song Edelweiss. I’ve always loved Edelweiss because it’s one of the only songs I can play on the piano. But the reprise of Sixteen Going on Seventeen spoke to me. It has one message:

Wait. Wait. Wait.

And boy, Maria is right.

When you’re sixteen going on seventeen
Waiting for life to start
Somebody kind who touches your mind
Will suddenly touch your heart

When that happens, after it happens
Nothing is quite the same
Somehow I know I’ll get up and go
If ever he calls my name

Gone are your old ideas of life
The old ideas grow dim
Lo and behold you’re someones wife
And you belong to him

You may think this kind of adventure
Never may come to you
Darling sixteen going on seventeen
Wait a year or two.

I’ll wait a year or two

Just/I’ll wait a year or two