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Favorite books (for the moment):
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter
The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
The Giver by Lois Lowry

Favorite songs:
Runaway by Mat Kearney
Circle by Flyleaf
Arms that Hold the Universe by 33Miles
Don’t Give up the Fight by Revive
The Violet Hour by The Civil Wars

Favorite Writers:
Merlin Spielen
Joe Bunting
Gabrielle Ben-Ezra
J.K. Rowling

Favorite Foods:
-Tomato soup
-Cheesy pretzels



Winter is a beautiful thing.


hello, you beautiful sky.


my birthday cake.




pretty, sparkly snow.


more shadows.


tea in the absolutely best mug ever.


moon in the evening.


the beach.


foggy fields.


These are some pictures that have been sitting around doing nothing for the past few months. So today I decided to go through most of them and edit my favorites. And now I’m so sick of Photoshop that I never want to use it again (but I will, because it’s amazingly wonderful at helping me make my pictures look gorgeous).
Winter is a beautiful thing.

Favorite Love Songs

Image(playlist here.)

What I love about Valentine’s Day:
-Seeing my parents happily going out on a date.
-Getting Valentines and feeling super-duper special even though everyone else got one almost exactly like it.

What I don’t like about Valentine’s Day:
-It’s not a holiday for single people.
-Me=single. But I’m okay with that. Except on Valentine’s Day.

(But the chocolate makes it all okay.)
Happy Valentine’s Day!



One cold January day, a little over a year ago, I got out all of my mom’s Spice Island spices and decided to have a photoshoot. Then, of course, I proceeded to find all sorts of things around the house that fit the “mood” of the photoshoot, and it turned out to be a longer session than planned.
After I was done, I proceeded to mess around with Photoshop, over-edit most of the pictures, and discover new tricks on Elements 9. It was a blast.
(And I must say, spice bottles are absolutely astounding models. They do what you want them to do with no objection, there is no verbal protesting when you have them do something they don’t like, and they don’t move unless you make them. How wonderful!)


Ice Skating & Contra Dancing

I hate trying new things. New foods, new activities, new people. Ick. Yet this weekend has been absolutely full of new things.
The best part?
I had a blast.
First, I went ice skating for the first time on Friday night. I didn’t want to go. I was terrified of losing control or falling or both. But once I was on the ice and my friend taught me how to skate, I had lots of fun. I lost control a few times, but never actually fell (a fact that I am very proud to tell).


And then last night, I went contra dancing for the first time. Again, I was terrified. I was afraid of getting partnered with someone weird, or completely messing up and getting lost. And even though I did mess up and get terribly lost a few times, I still had a blast. Of course, my partner (a very nice, very cute boy who I danced with almost the whole night) was gracious and kind enough to tell me what a do-si-do is, how to promenade, and many other things.

It was a very fun weekend.
There is only one problem with all of this:
I’m exhausted. I really need to get some rest. I never realized ice skating and dancing until 10:00 PM two nights in a row would take this much out of me.

With that said, goodnight, dear world.

*Image isn’t mine. Click on it to see where it came from.

He Saves us All

This is a poem I wrote earlier this month. Posted at Teenink.com over here.

As the bright moon sets slowly
Beyond the far off mountains,
A star shines brightly.
Snowflakes gently swirl,
Trees sway in the wind,
And the angels sing.

A royal Prince, born to die,
Is welcomed by the angels
Who sing their praises.
Shepherds humbly bow
Before their mighty King.
Oh, beautiful night!

Bethlehem, oh little town,
Follow the star up above,
And find you new King.
He’s sleeping soundly,
Laying in a manger,
Dreaming of His task.

A hard and difficult life
Of assisting His Father
Save this broken world.
Dying for our sins,
To rise after three days,
From the depths of hell.

Praise the mighty King of kings!
He’s saved us from Satan’s wrath.
He has persevered.
Oh, wonderful day!
Praise Him in everything,
For He saves us all.

Merry Christmas!